Does grammar really matter?

A common thought that often crosses the mind of a student while they are working on their essays or term papers: “Does grammar really matter in my piece?”

Many believe that as long as the reader is able to understand their main points, there is really no need to stay on par with the multitude of grammar rules that exist; however, this is far from the truth.

There is one exceptional benefit that comes along with practicing good grammar: the stark ability to clearly convey your thoughts. When a piece is riddled with grammatical errors, it is really difficult for a reader to understand the point clearly.

There is no way to align themselves with the points brought up in a writing piece if they are distracted. Characteristics such as run-on sentences, bad comma usage, and incorrect punctuation can create a confusing final piece that fails to effectively present the writer’s main idea.

In addition to this, it disables the writer from creating their content with precision. Good grammar ensures that the thoughts that are trying to be passed on to the reader will be clear and precise. A good writer is able to share their thoughts and opinions with a reader without having to be there in-person to explain it. When writing is strong technically, it is doing its job correctly.

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