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1510 Harriet Tubman Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27105, USA, North Carolina, United States 27105

Masjid Al-Muminun, a 501c3 Islamic religious center, located at 1510 Harriet Tubman Street has a long rich history in Winston-Salem, N.C. The roots of this community dates back to 1955 when the city was referred to as the Twin City. The current Resident Imam Joèl Saahir, Treasurer Wali Salaam along with Board Convener Steve Muqtasid continue to providing the administrative leadership to the oldest Islamic community in Winston-Salem. The community provides educational scholarships annually to deserving students of the broader community.

Participation in a variety of outreach services is an ongoing activities for the Believers who have worked with Habitat to build homes for families, engaged in a variety of interfaith forums to share common concerns with other religious communities, and provides food for the struggling members of the city. Civic engagement activities are encouraged for the Believers to stay active in sharing concerns and holding elected officials accountable. These activities are a continuation of the principle articles of faith of Al-Islam. The roots of these efforts extend back to 1955, under the leadership of Bro. James X McIntyre, Bro Bernard X, Sultan Muhammad and Bro. Lewis X. Other leaders included Imam Irvin Shakir, who also served as Educational Director for the private K-12 School called Sister Clara Muhammad School. Most of the graduates from this school continued their studies on a collegiate level and are productive citizens today. A few of the other leaders included Imam Jaffair Hassan, Imam Donnie Hashim, Imam Irshad Hasan, and Imam Leonard Abdullah and Imam Arif Bilal.

The dedication of the Believers at Masjid Al-Muminun has enriched the programs, which is in support of the leadership Imam W.D. Mohammed (ra) provided this community with a clear understanding and appreciation for community obligations and service.The Believers look forward to continuing the work started in 1955 which laid the foundation for Masjid Al-Muminun.

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